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This is my Art Gallery. All of these drawings were created by me.
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If you have pictures you'd like to share, please e-mail me and I will see if I can make you a gallery. All pictures must be created by you and I must approve them first.

As you may have noticed, I name all of my drawings after songs. While I'm making these, I listen to some music. When I'm ready to create a name for a picture, I just use the name of whatever song is playing.

Name Otherside3 Scar Tissue Crawling
Description This was the first computer drawing that I really put any effort into. I think he came out pretty cool. He was my desktop wallpaper for awhile. I had a lot of mixed emotions after the World Trade Center was destroyed. I decided to take my mind off of the whole situation by drawing, and here's the result. I didn't really plan on how I was going to draw this guy. I was just bored one day. I like the way he came out and I think he's a lot different than any of my other drawings.

Name Killing In The Name Chop Suey Fade
Description When I get angry, I just like to go in my room and listen to music. I was angry one day, and decided to draw instead. I liked the way this picture turned out. Wow, don't even begin to ask me about this one! Um, I guess I just let my imagination run wild...lol What gallery would be complete without a psycho clown? This took me a long time, and I put a lot of effort into it.

Name For Those About To Rock Runaway Maybe Memories
Description The name says it all, this is a guy who is rocking out. This one took me a very long time. I didn't really plan this one too much. However, I did change a lot of the original coloring and I like this version much better. My first picture in a year and a half! This took a lot of effort since I had to relearn my techniques but I really like the way it turned out, especially the eyes.

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